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Travel Agent Advertising

Travel Agent Advertising

There are various forms of advertising available to Travel Agents.

Travel agent advertising can be classified into 3 main categories:

Print Advertising - magazines, newspapers, leaflets, poster campaigns advertising

Media Advertising – TV, radio advertising.

New Media Advertising - Internet advertising

Let’s take a look at these 3 forms of travel agent advertising in more detail including the cost benefit analysis.

Print Advertising is an effective form of Travel agent advertising because as can be targeted towards a certain readership of print media. If your travel agent advertising is targeting a particular destination then it makes sense to advertise in a magazine for that destination, i.e. ski holidays then you would target ski magazines. But the drawback of this form of travel agent advertising is that your ad can be lost amongst the other ads and the reader may even totally miss your ad. Also print advertising  has a limited shelf life so can only be relevant for a short period of time. A newspaper which is bought daily will only be read once and it is unlikely that the reader will keep it unless it has any sentimental value. Print Advertising can also be costly depending on the readership and may not pay a dividend to the advertiser.

Media Advertising through TV and Radio can be a successful way of Travel agent advertising if the travel agent it targeting a larger target audience and geographic population. It is more difficult to narrow down the target audience for TV and Radio as it can target a diverse population and also different income levels. TV and radio advertising can also be a very costly form of travel agent advertising and is usually limited to the larger travel agents who have national retail outlets and want to raise their brand awareness profile. It is very unlikely TV and radio can be used by small travel agents as the costs of production, and costs of airing the advert can be expensive.

New Media Advertising is proving one of the most effect ways to advertise for travel agents to advertise their packages as on the internet the advertiser can be captured at point of sale and can purchase the holiday online. However, there are still many holiday packages that can’t be immediately bought online due to the nature of the holiday or accommodation, this includes group bookings, transfers, sightseeing and this is where the Travel Advertising web site can help travel agents. The travel advertising web sites are destination specific and occasion specific so the internet user is more likely to type in the related keywords into the search engines and if your holiday appears in the listing the user can enquiry directly with you about the holiday package, it’s as simple as that. There are more added value benefits from signing up with Travel Advertising and these benefits can be viewed on our membership benefits page but most of all the cost benefit ratio of advertising with Travel advertising far out weights the other types of advertising available to travel agents.



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