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Travel and Tourism Marketing

Travel and Tourism Marketing

 The way in which travel agents now do their travel and tourism marketing has changed drastically during the economic downturn of 2008. In the past travel agents allocated their travel and tourism marketing budget months before the actual holiday package sometime even up to a year before to entice the customer to spend their money. This all changed when some of the large tour operators went bust in 2008/2009 and customers lost out on their bookings. It made customers more vary of early booking deals as they realised that there payments were not always guaranteed. This resulted in a shift of booking pattern by customers who preferred to go for last minute deals instead as their payments would be more secure.

Travel agents had to change their methods of travel and tourism marketing to accommodate the shift towards last minute booking deals by customers. So if travel agents printed glossy brochures with next year’s prices this may not work as well as putting more last minute offers on their web site.

The travel advertising system can help travel agents take advantage of their travel and tourism marketing by putting up last minute holiday deals on the travel sites and get enquiries directly. If the holiday packages are time specific the travel advertising system has expiry dates so the travel agents can set expiry dates on holiday packages they display to auto delete from the system when the offer ends. Also if a travel agents gets a last minute holiday package for a new destination they need to market then by advertising the holiday on the Travel Advertising holiday sites they get immediate exposure as the holiday destination is already listed on the internet and their holiday can be found by the search engines.

To find out about more about how Travel Advertising can help travel agents with their travel and tourism marketing visit our Membership Benefits page.


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