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Travel Agent Website Advertising

Travel Agent Website Advertising

When the internet first became mainstream in the late 1990’s, travel agent website advertising began to take off and initially started with banner ads and web site editorials that would be clicked by the user to go to the travel agents web site.

This form of advertising rapidly grew and still forms part of many travel agents website advertising strategy, but the advertisers themselves realised there was only so much banner space and editorial space on their web site that they could sell. This led to the banner rotation system of travel agent website advertising that is still being used where a banner would rotate amongst other banners each time a web page is viewed.

As banner advertising increased so did the cost and major portals now charge 4 figure plus sums for banner advertising on their websites. Then came pay per click which was a great transformation and quickly became popular for travel agent website advertising but it had one major flaw which still exists to this day and still baffles the advertisers – how do you determine that the click is a valid click and not someone just clicking a link for the sake of clicking ? Well the answer is you can’t so you rely on the majority of your clicks being genuine and the rest being clicked for the sake of it.

With the emergence of pay per click, the larger travel companies began to bid aggressively on the popular travel related keywords and the price of these popular travel related keywords pushed up and this out-priced the independent travel agents from advertising using keywords.

To help the independent travel agents and smaller travel agents with their travel agent website advertising the travel advertising system was developed which added a new affordable option at a fixed price to the existing banner advertising and pay per click advertising options. Besides being able to advertise unlimited holidays, flights and accommodation the independent travel agents now have a advertising option that directly benefits their web site through click through links on other travel web sites as well as numerous other advertising benefits that can be viewed on the Travel Advertising membership benefits section.



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